GERMAN language school for primary school children (4-12y.) in North Co. Dublin

**** September 2020 NEWS  ****

PLEASE NOTE: To guarantee the continuation of German for Kids classes during the current Covid-19 pandemic, classes will be held on a ‘blended learning’ basis. If a venue is fully operating and accessible to us, we will be having face-to-face classes (strict measures in place) and if the venue is not operating, we will be having an online class at the same time the face-to-face class would take place.

Monday classes:           Donnycarney Community Centre
Tuesday classes:           Castleknock Community Centre
Wednesdsay classes:   Applewood Community Centre Swords

Bookings can be made by email to or by calling 0876309935***


Donnycarney Community Centre (Le Cheile), Dublin 5, Collins Avenue East
3 – 4pm: German for German for Advanced (1rst – 6th class)
4 – 5pm: German for Juniors (3 – 6 years)
5 – 6pm: German for Bilinguals (1st class – 6th class)
RESUMES: 14/09/20

Laurel Lodge Community Centre, Castleknock
3 – 4pm: German for Improvers* (1rst – 6th class)
4 – 5pm: German for Juniors (3 – 6 years)
5 – 6pm: German for Advanced (1st class – 6th class)
6 – 7pm: German for Beginners (1st class – 6th class)
RESUMES: 15/09/20

Applewood Community Centre, Swords
3-4pm: German for Juniors (3 – 6 years)
4-5pm: German for Improvers* (1rst – 6th class)
5-6pm: German for Advanced (1rst – 6th class)
6-7pm: German for Beginners (1rst – 6th class)
RESUMES: 16/09/20

Improvers learners: Intermediate learners (min. of 1 year of German with me) will be accommodated in this class. Please talk to me regarding the appropriate level of your child.

Info on times and fees or phone Katrin at 087 630 99 35

Check for availability for Junior and Leaving Cert grinds.


  • German for adult Beginners starting Tuesdays in Castleknock Community College in OCTOBER 2020

More info: or phone Katrin at 087 630 99 35

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